Why am I getting an error message when trying to place a Vimeo video?

Are you seeing the error message below, when trying to place a Vimeo video in a Flipbook?

Then your video's privacy settings is blocking it from being viewed :(

(Or the video doesn't exist - check the URL is correct)


To fix this, go to vimeo.com and select your video.

Go to Settings -> Privacy


We recommend the following settings:

Who can watch this video?
Choose one of the options below

  • Anyone
    This will open your video up for anyone to view - including iPaper
  • Only people with the private link
    This will give your video a private link - allowing only those who have the link to view it.
    Including iPaper

Where can this video be embedded?

  • Anywhere
    This allows your video to be embedded on the iPaper platform


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