Why isn't my share on Facebook / LinkedIn updating to reflect recent changes to the Flipbook?


If you have shared a Flipbook on Facebook, Facebook will cache (save) it's appearance for quite a long time.

This can mean that any changes you make to your Flipbook might not be reflected in the Facebook post.

Changes such as Open Graph, PDF updates / changes etc.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can force Facebook to scrape (download) new information about your Flipbook.

Click to access Facebook's  debug tool.

General guidelines and tips for using Open Graph


Unfortunately, LinkedIn keeps the cached data for a long time from the first time the link is previewed and does not offer a "debug tool".

The only way to “clear” the sharing preview cache is to trick LinkedIn into thinking it has never seen your flipbook before.
You can do this by adding a variable to your flipbook link when you share it on LinkedIn.


Original link: http://demo.ipaper.io/showcase/

"New" link: http://demo.ipaper.io/showcase/?page=1

"?page=1" was added at the end of the site's URL. It will force the metadata to be recollected. Don't worry, it won't affect your webpage. 

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